With just a simple spoken passphrase such as “My voice is my password,” voice biometrics allows consumers to be securely authenticated when they connect with a service provider via a call center or IVR, a mobile app, or the Web, improving the overall service experience for the consumer, and delivering substantial time and cost savings to the enterprise. Voice biometrics securely identifies each individual through their unique voiceprint, and eliminates the hassle of remembering and typing passwords and PINs. Once authenticated, consumers can quickly be served a more personalized experience based on their unique voiceprint.

Nuance VocalPassword, FreeSpeech and FraudMiner are leading voice biometric products in both innovation and implementation, with more than 55 million registered voiceprints at top enterprises such as the Australian Taxation Office, Barclays Wealth, Banco Santander Mexico, ING Netherlands, Manulife, Turkcell Global Bilgi and many more. In fact, this makes up approximately 80% of the global voice biometrics market. Nuance has combined it's voice biometric solutions (VocalPassword, FreeSpeech and FraudMiner) into a new platform: the Nuance Security Suite. It is the world's first and only voice biometric platform that provides authentication and fraud detection across interactive voice recognition (IVR) systems, contact centers, mobile apps and the Web.

Make life easy for customers and tough for fraudsters with Nuance Security Suite v10

Nuance VocalPassword
Nuance VocalPassword, the world’s most widely deployed voice biometric solution, enables easy and secure authentication by analyzing a person’s voice. Trusted by hundreds of organizations around the world to verify the identity of millions of individuals on a daily basis, VocalPassword delivers the most accurate, scalable and flexible voice biometric platform. Designed to serve as a unified authentication solution across your organization, VocalPassword can authenticate your customers as they access various self-service applications, such as a SmartPhone App, an IVR or a web portal. VocalPassword can also serve to validate high-risk web and credit card transactions. Regardless of the application, users simply need to speak a passphrase such as “My voice is my password” to validate their identity

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Nuance Free Speech
Nuance FreeSpeech enables fully transparent and secure voice biometric authentication within the call center. By analyzing a caller’s voice during a natural conversation with an agent, FreeSpeech can validate legitimate caller identity as well as detect known fraudsters in real-time. Trusted by organizations around the world, including some of the largest financial institutions to secure high- risk transactions and telecom service providers to reduce call center operating costs, FreeSpeech delivers the ultimate customer experience through passive authentication. Callers are not required to say a passphrase to validate their identity and enrollment is also conducted passively. Organizations can deploy voice biometrics with no effort required on the part of their customers.

How do you stop increasingly sophisticated fraudsters from attacking your contact center? Fraudsters may already have your customer's favorite pet's name or date of birth. They may even be able to spoof caller ID, but one thing they can't do is speak with your customer's unique voice.

Nuance's FraudMiner is a fraud prevention and detection solution for contact centers that uses advanced voice biometrics technology to help fraud teams detect known criminals, uncover new fraud patterns, and prevent account takeovers.

Nuance FastReset
Also available through Nuance is FastReset, a solution which provides a fully automated, self-service password reset function that requires no knowledge on the user. To reset their password, a user is prompted to speak a common passphrase, such as “My voice will reset my password”, and through voice biometrics, the user’s identity is validated and their password reset. FastReset can enable your organization to achieve a 99%+ self-service rate for password reset, delivering cost savings for the IT helpdesk while improving productivity of employees.

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Nuance Voice Biometrics Availability Notice

This document provides the availability status, support status, and transition dates for Nuance Voice Biometrics products. “On or After” indicates an earliest possible transition date when a specific date has not yet been established. Nuance product availability and support policy, including relevant terms, are defined in the governing license agreement. Exceptions to this policy, including the availability or support stated herein, must be granted in writing by Nuance via Diagenix.

Improve Customer Retention and New Customer Acquisition
Consistently Reduces Fraud over PIN, Password or Q&A
Reduce Call Time and Decrease Call Center Costs
Language and Accent Independent Functionality
Consistently Rated Most Accurate by 3rd Party Evaluators
Text-Dependent, Text-Independent, and Text-Prompted Verification
Support for Multiple Users
Integrated Security and Role-Based Authorization
Web Service Interfaces for Quick, Easy, and Secure Integration
Support for SQL Server and Oracle Databases
MRCPv1 and MRCPv2 Support
Operates on all Standard Operating Systems
Nuance Security Suite v10
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Nuance VocalPassword Case Study: Turkcell
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Nuance Voice Biometrics Availability Notice
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