You Can Depend on Us

Designing, building, and maintaining IVR and voice infrastructures is a complicated and costly undertaking. Quite often these systems require thousands of dollars per-port and hundreds of man-hours of installation, configuration, and testing to get up and running. Issues such as back-end integration, capacity planning, security, ongoing maintenance, and service-level requirements only contribute to the overall complexity and TCO.

To mitigate these risks companies of all sizes have used Diagenix Voice Hosting services to reduce costs and eliminate the complexity of implementing and operating their IVR and voice solutions.

Diagenix Voice Hosting Services Overview

Our environment supports traditional touch-tone IVR, speech recognition, text-to-speech, CTI, in- and out-bound call control, back-end voice and data integration, VoIP and more. We make it easy to get your applications up and running quickly. In addition, if you should ever decide to move your hosted applications in-house, Diagenix can help you make the transition by offering big discounts and upgrade credits towards the purchase of systems, software, and services.

We Have Everything You Need

Hosting your voice applications with Diagenix is fast, safe, and cost-effective. We offer a complete range of services and solutions designed to get you up and running quickly regardless of whether you choose to develop your own application or you choose from our collection of ready-to-run and custom hosting options.

Ready-to-Run Hosted Voice Solutions
Packaged Voice Applications for Hosting
Custom Voice Applications for Hosting

The Diagenix Hosting Advantage

Diagenix voice hosting utilizes redundant operation centers with an on-demand capacity capable of handling millions of calls. Our facilities have been designed to work in a redundant and load-balanced configuration with each site having redundant servers, networking, and utilities.

To keep things running smoothly each facility is staffed by seasoned support specialists that monitor the environment to ensure that your applications stay up and running 100% of the time.

Hosting Highlights
  • 100% Hosted Services
  • Full Site Redundancy
  • Dedicated Support Staff
  • Custom and Packaged Voice Applications
  • Ready-to-Run Solutions
  • Quick Setup and Deployment
  • Flexible Pricing Options
  • Standards-Based Implementation (VoiceXML, SALT, CCXML)
  • Back-end Integration to any Environment
  • Telco Integration (Supports all carriers & PBX systems)
  • High-Capacity On-Demand
  • 100% Up-Time Guarantee

We're Here to Help

Diagenix couples our class leading hosting environment with a set of hosted applications and services designed to get you up and running in the shortest time possible. We can assist in all aspects of voice application design, development, setup,and operation.

  • We can create your voice application for you or you can deploy your own W3C VoiceXML compliant applications.
  • We offer ready-to-go hosted services with our VoiceXPress™ voice broadcasting service, SmartAlert™ notification service, and SmartGuard™ watchdog service.
  • Flexible pricing options are also available either on a per minute basis or per port basis with varying up-front costs depending on Diagenix involvement. Pro-active monitoring and advanced reporting is also provided at no additional cost enabling you to always stay up-to-date with how your voice applications are performing.
  • Voice application tuning services and consulting are also available through our services group to ensure you are getting the most out of your voice applications.

If you don't see something you need be sure to ask—often times we already have the component or application you're looking for. We strive to provide more than competing hosting providers and all of our solutions backed by our money back Guaranteed Service Level Agreement (GSLA).