Legacy Loquendo to Nuance Migration

Loquendo products will end their GA in September 2013, with expansion availability for latest versions allowed until December 2014.

This document describes the offer which has been defined to migrate Loquendo legacy customers to Nuance, including application migration.

Loquendo to Nuance Migration Options

For additional information regarding the legacy Loquendo to Nuance migration offer please contact a Diagenix Sales Engineer at 866-425-6600 or sales@diagenix.com.

Migration Offer Expires September 30, 2016
Must Be Current on M&S to Qualify for Migration Offer
Customer May Purchase Equal Amounts of Nuance Recognizer and Vocalizer Ports as they have Licensed Ports or Loquendo TTS and ASR
Professional Services are Available to Migrate Legacy Grammars to Nuance Recognizer
Loquendo to Nuance Migration
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