PBI (Predictive Business Intelligence) is a speech analytics tool which allows its users the ability to search, analyze and evaluate recorded audio, revealing important information about their customers, their markets, and their own business operations. Our clients are more informed and more productive as a result of mining data from their recorded audio.

PBI’s modular software solution interfaces with a variety of recording solutions and other audio sources. Audio files are processed with a phonetic engine to convert 100% of audio into structured output that is quick and easy to access. The intuitive user interface enables calls of interest to be easily identified, organized, and analyzed. Behind the scenes, big data technology delivers the information in near real-time.

PBI’s simple to navigate interface.

Available in 3 Tier Configurations

Tier 1:

  • An advanced search engine enables users to search for specific words or phrases, or categories of words and phrases across 100% of recorded calls in near real time
  • An intuitive user interface provides a simple mechanism for changing and saving searches
  • An instant playback feature allows the user to instantly hear the relevant audio

Tier 2:

  • This tier adds the ability to automatically identify important calls, flag them for immediate action, save them in folders for later review, and send the audio file by email
  • User defined flags automatically identify calls requiring immediate actions
  • Ability to group calls within case files for playback and later review


Tier 3:

  • Includes all Tier 1 & 2 features plus additional analysis and reporting functionality
  • Graphic representation of data with drill-down functionality
  • Ability to link functions to identify connections between words and phrases
Produce fast, accurate reports with Revele Tier 3.

PBI Speech Analytics is a trademark or registered trademark of Predictive Business Intelligence, Inc.

Verify Compliance with Industry Standards and Regulations
Analyze the Effectiveness of Marketing Campaigns
Gather Business Intelligence and Product Suggestions
Review Service Issues for Root Cause Analysis
Improve the Customer Experience by Identifying a Customer's Needs, Wants and Expectations.
Coach and Monitor Call Center Agents to Improve Service Quality
Identify Up-sell and Cross-sell Opportunities to Boost Revenue
PBI Speech Analytics Data Sheet
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