01. What's the usual turn around time for implementing one of your pre-packaged applications?
Typically 1 to 2 months. The time frame takes into consideration all aspects of the project including contract negotiations, software modification (if required), installation, functionality testing, load testing, implementation and training. Actual times may vary according to client time constraints, and custom development work. Diagenix always works closely with each client to develop an appropriate timetable that is acceptable to all parties.
02. What are the most common types of IVR application modifications performed by your organization for clients?
Typical modifications consist of:

  • Script changes, wording changes, sentence changes, etc.
  • Script enhancements
  • New product additions
  • New options and features
  • New data elements
03. Are the basic speech components supplied with your voice applications?
A complete set of professional recorded voice prompts in either a male or female voice are supplied with each voice application. Diagenix also provides complete voice recording services in 25 different languages to meet your individual voice application requirements.
04. Why start with a packaged voice application rather than using a custom-developed application?
A majority of the time you will find 80% or more of the features you are looking for in a vertical packaged voice application. These voice applications are ready-to-run, fully tested and customizable which significantly shortens your implementation and testing times as well as reducing your overall project costs and mitigating development risks.
05. What differentiates Diagenix voice solutions from competing solutions?

Our voice applications differ in a number of key areas:

  1. The Diagenix approach is centered on a write-once, run-anywhere philosophy.  Our products are designed to work, in whole or in part, with third-party and home grown solutions.  No Vendor Lock-In.
  2. Diagenix offers ready-to-run and custom applications that can be purchased, leased, or hosted as requirements dictate.