Diagenix is a leading Nuance master reseller with core domain expertise in Nuance enterprise technology including the sale, installation and support of Nuance products. These intelligent self-service solutions employ natural language understanding and speech recognition to simplify the customer experience, resulting in customer service that is easy, fast and effective. Companies around the world rely on Nuance speech enabled self-service solutions ‐ combining innovative technologies and deep services expertise to automate a wide variety of customer interactions.

Nuance Recognizer: Speech Recognition

Nuance Recognizer features the industry's highest recognition accuracy, producing natural conversations for the effortless, proactive and intelligent self-service experience your customers expect. As the core of our contact center automation solutions, Nuance Recognizer is built on years of industry-leading expertise, now enhanced with advanced technologies like deep neural networks and machine learning. Our eleventh-generation Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) engine is designed to deliver better customer interactions, reduce frustration, and improve customer satisfaction by producing intuitive, human-like dialogue at reduced cost.

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Nuance Vocalizer: Text-to-Speech

An advanced, flexible, enterprise-level Tex-to-Speech solution, Nuance Vocalizer delivers intelligent self-service for organizations of all sizes and complexities. Vocalizer enhances the contact center experience by enabling more human, personalized customer interactions. It also reduces costs by facilitating more automation of calls across web, mobile and IVR.

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Nuance Voice Biometrics: Speaker Verification

Nuance VocalPassword is a biometric speaker verification system that verifies a speaker's identity using acquired voice samples. Samples of the caller's voice are converted into voiceprints, or unique algorithms based on the specific characteristics of the voice, which are even more unique than fingerprints. With this product, enterprises will benefit from reduced call times, increased security and an improved customer experience.

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Nuance SpeechAttendant: Call Steering

SpeechAttendant is the most accurate and natural voice-driven auto attendant solution. Organizations can route callers through menu-driven options and provide frequently requested information such as operating hours, mailing address, and driving directions to callers. By offering your callers the convenience and ease of use of a speech-enabled auto attendant system, your organization will reap the benefits of decreased telecommunications costs, increased employee productivity, and an enhanced corporate image.

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Nuance Transcription Engine: Transcribe Audio Data

Do you know how much value is locked up in your audio files? Find out with highly accurate transcription from Nuance. Transcribing audio content within your call center provides rich customer insights to help improve service and promote script adherence and compliance. Free form survey responses can be turned into actionable data and your speech and text analytics can be supercharged.

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Nuance Self Service Speech Solutions

About Nuance Communications

Nuance is a leading provider of speech and customer interaction solutions for businesses and consumers around the world. Its technologies, applications and services make the user experience more compelling by transforming the way people interact with information and how they create, share and use documents. Every day, millions of users and thousands of businesses experience Nuance's proven applications and professional services.

  • Nuance automates 8 billion call interactions a year, in more than 3,000 customer care installations
  • Nuance has more than 800 speech scientists and engineers
  • Nuance offers a professional services organization of more than 1000 solutions experts
  • Nuance has an IP portfolio that includes more than 1000 patents and patents pending
  • Nuance customer interaction solutions support more than 54 languages and dialects
  • Nuance has 90% market share in automated directory assistance
  • Nuance speech recognition and Nuance text-to-speech solutions are on more than 250 million devices
  • Nuance maintains one of the world's largest libraries of speech data

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Nuance Recognizer, Vocalizer, VocalPassword and SpeechAttendant are trademarks or registered trademarks of Nuance Communications, Inc.

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High Accuracy
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Work with the Latest Industry Standards
Support for Multiple Languages
Proven Technology
Operates on all Standard Operating Systems
Speech Versus DTMF
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