Diagenix is a full spectrum IVR and speech solution provider. We leverage the power of standards-based technologies and a powerful services platform to enable businesses to easily extend the reach of enterprise self-service to anyone with access to a telephone. Our voice product line embodies a commitment to providing industry-leading features and functionality that combines ease of use with a deep understanding of the role business process requirements play before, during, and after a solution has been deployed.

Diagenix Voice Product Families Overview

Diagenix voice solutions free you from the constraints and liabilities of proprietary systems while giving you the ability to manage and maintain your voice infrastructure in a way that provides the best fit.

Everything You Need

Diagenix offers a full set of products that can be mixed and matched with your existing voice infrastructure or used as the basis of a complete enterprise voice solution. The versatility and flexibility of our products coupled with comprehensive services and a proven approach means you get to choose the best solution that fits your needs.

Voice Applications
Custom Voice Applications
Voice Technologies
Teleframe® Servers and Telephony

The Right Choice

We have pre-built ready-to-run voice applications that can save hundreds of hours—and sometimes even thousands of hours—of development, tuning and testing time.

  • If you are in need of a custom IVR or Speech application, and already have a platform to run it on, we can build it for you in record time by using the most current Voice Technology Products.
  • If you're looking for carrier grade telephony servers that are pre-configured and ready to be deployed out-of-the-box—we have multiple models to choose from.
  • If you need easy to use tools. for building VoiceXML applications or require products that can simplify CTI, back-end, and FAX integration, we have you what you're looking for.

Diagenix is the right choice for voice.