Healthcare organizations are becoming increasingly aware of the importance and benefits of using automated customer service technologies. The challenges of delivering high quality patient care while controlling costs and dealing with increasing regulatory issues, such as HIPPA, are moving many to consider IVR and speech-based systems. These technologies are reliable and mature, and enable healthcare organizations to manage costs, improve efficiency, simplify administration, and ensure privacy.

IVR and speech-based voice applications from Diagenix can be used to help streamline patient enrollment, track home health aids, manage claims processing, offer re-fill prescriptions and much more all from a simple to use multi-lingual touch-tone or speech interface.

Diagenix voice applications are built to run in any standards-based environment¹ so you can be sure that investments in your existing infrastructure are protected. All of our voice applications come with an extensive set of out-of-box capabilities such as advanced CSR handling and routing, data security, integration tools, and built-in logging and reporting.

Using our extensive library of application components Diagenix can quickly build custom voice applications tailored to meet a wide range of healthcare business and information requirements:

Sample Healthcare Applications
Prescription Refill
Patient Eligibility
Check Information
Medical Forms
Lab Test Availability
Time Tracking for Home Health Aids
Claims Status
Patient Co-Pay and Deductibles
Benefit Information
Oder ID Card
Medication Dosage Tracking/Monitoring
¹ Teleframe® voice products are designed to work with standards-based telephony equipment that support VoiceXML and CCXML
Benefit Enrollment
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Claims Status
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Patient Eligibility
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