Transportation companies from coast-to-coast are continually being challenged to find better and more cost effective ways to communicate with their customers and employees. Trucking companies are looking for safer ways to communicate with their drivers. Airlines need to provide real-time flight information as well as provide fast and convenient ways to book reservations from anywhere. Commuter rail lines and bus terminals need to provide quick access to information 365 days a year.

Voice automation technologies are increasingly being used to help transportation industry organizations to remain cost competitive while still raising the bar for the level of service provided to their customers. IVR and speech systems are ideally suited to the task of increasing the speed at which information is provided while giving customers and employees simple and easy ways to communicate with you.

Diagenix voice applications are built to run in any standards-based environment¹ so you can be sure that investments in your existing infrastructure are protected. All of our voice applications come with an extensive set of out-of-box capabilities such as advanced CSR handling and routing, data security, integration tools, and built-in logging and reporting.

Using our extensive library of application components Diagenix can quickly build custom voice applications tailored to meet a wide range of transportation industry-specific requirements:

Sample Transportation Applications
Driver Location Information
Schedule a Pick-up
Rate Quotes
Driver Arrival
Flight Arrival and Departure Information
Driver Mileage
Rail Schedule
Shipment Status
Tracking Information
Next Stop Information
Driver Departure Notification
Billing Inquiries
Bus Routes
¹ Teleframe® voice products are designed to work with standards-based telephony equipment that support VoiceXML and CCXML
Airline Reservation System
Play Audio Demo
Train Schedule Inquiry
Play Audio Demo
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