Customer Portal

Diagenixs' Customer Portal is a 100% cloud base User Interface that allows actively enrolled customers the ability to log into the Portal and view their Nuance port utilization in real-time on any web compliant device including iPad, iPhone and etc. Accessing the portal is quick and easy - it can be set up and configured within 30 minutes. Once enrolled, the portal provides a user-friendly interface to access copies of Maintenance and Support certificates, license keys, event notifications and more.

  • No separate server to install and maintain
  • Complete visibility to utilization from any web device
  • No logging to End Customer Network
  • No need to run reports to get utilization metrics
  • Zero administrative maintenance
  • Central location to access your M&S Certificates and License Keys
  • Automated notifications when a certain port threshold has been reached
  • Automated notifications 90, 60 and 30-day reminder emails that the M&S will be expiring
  • Highly secure and encrypted

Reseller View

As a reseller, you can gain total visibility of all your customer's usage in one central location, allowing you to view your customer's Revele Port usage at a glance, as well as their M&S Certificates and Nuance License files.

View of all your customer's usage in one central location.

Support Certificates

View and download your current and expired support certificates.

A centralized location for all current and expired support certificates.

Nuance Licensing

At a glance view of your Nuance products. View and download your Nuance license files.

View Nuance products and download licence files.

Revele Port Usage

Enable Revele for daily, weekly, monthly and yearly port utilization statistics.*

At a glance port utilization statistics.

*Supports Nuance Recognizer versions 9 and above and Nuance Vocalizer versions 5 and above

Available at no cost with an active Maintenance & Support Plan

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Diagenix Customer Portal
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