01. What is your escalation procedure?
If a critical problem is not resolved within a predefined timeframe, notification of the problem will be escalated to higher levels of management within Diagenix by the Customer Support Representative. Severity-level escalation is clearly defined in our licensing agreements as well as our Service Level Agreements.
02. Is remote support available for those who purchase your solutions?
Diagenix supports the use of remote administration software via Internet/IP or direct dial-up connection.
03. What is the best way to contact Diagenix if we are having a problem?
Call the support center and notify us of the problem and provide any supporting documentation via email.  You can also go on-line and submit a support ticket.  If an acknowledgement and/or ticket number has not been provided to you within your allotted support plan response time contact your primary account representative who will escalate your request.
04. Do you archive problems that are reported to you?
All support inquiries are logged into our internal support and tracking system.  Upon entry an automatic support ticket is generated and based on your support plan type is assigned to a customer support representative within our allotted timeframe.  All support personnel have the ability to view and search the complete support history for each customer.
05. Can I change my support plan during the term?
You can move up to the next support plan option at anytime during the term of your contract.  If for some reason you feel you do not need the extra maintenance and support you may choose to move down in plan options at the time of annual renewal by providing 60 days written notice prior to your annual renewal date.
06. Do you offer extended warranties on your equipment?
Our standard warranty period is two years from the date of purchase for those who participate in our Standard support plan.  If you are enrolled in our Extended support plan your hardware warranty is extended for the life of the contract.
07. What's the average response time from when a new support request is received?
99.9% of the time a response is generated within 30 minutes of receiving a problem ticket. We then begin working on the problem immediately.