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Sep. 24 2001— Norwell, MA - Diagenix Corporation today announces that it has entered into a long-term business relationship with Computer Sciences Corporation (NYSE: CSC), one of the world's leading consulting and information technology (IT) service firms. The deal enable CSC to utilize Diagenix's Teleframe Telephony and e-Commerce technology for streamline customer service related calls and transactions in its current and future BPO operations supporting Life Insurance related products and administration. "The deal further marks the direction we have been focusing on for the past four or five years," said Anton Arapoff President and CEO of Diagenix. "We have always believed strongly in strategically partnering with a large organization who can utilize our core technology as a way to gain a competitive advantage while at the same time enabling us to increase market share and product awareness. Diagenix is very excited about this partnership and 100% committed to meeting CSC needs as we continue to work together in the coming years," adds Arapoff.

About CSC

Computer Sciences Corporation, one of the world's leading consulting and information technology (IT) services firms, helps clients in industry and government achieve strategic and operational results through the use of technology. The company's success is based on its culture of working collaboratively with clients to develop innovative technology strategies and solutions that address specific business challenges.

Having guided clients through every major wave of change in information technology since 1959, CSC combines the newest technologies with its capabilities in consulting, systems design and integration, IT and business process outsourcing, applications software, and Web and application hosting to meet the individual needs of global corporations and organizations. With nearly 68,000 employees in locations worldwide, CSC had revenues of $10.5 billion for the 12 months ended March 30, 2001. It is headquartered in El Segundo, California. For more information, visit the company's Web site at
About Diagenix
Diagenix is an innovative voice application company that provides enterprise-class voice, speech, and IVR solutions that enable organizations to provide anytime, anywhere access to information and resources over the telephone and via the internet. Diagenix makes voice- and web-based services strategic tools for improving customer service, reducing costs, and improving workforce productivity. Our customers include FORTUNE 500 organizations throughout the U.S. and Canada as well as government agencies. Diagenix products and services are sold and distributed through a direct sales organization and through select business partners.

For more information about Diagenix and its products and services, please visit our website at or call us at 781-871-6624.
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