Aural Analytics Launches A2E for Speech Collection and Analytics
A2E enables speech collection for decentralized clinical trials, remote patient monitoring, telemedicine, and consumer applications.
Solutionreach Adds Automated Answering Service from MedXCom to Marketplace
The customizable, HIPAA-compliant service includes speech-to-text transcription and documentation.
Supporting children’s hospitals and their healthcare providers
This summer, U.S. News published its 14th annual Best Children’s Hospitals rankings, and Nuance is proud and honored to partner with 9 of the top 10 organizations on this list. Our experience working with children’s hospitals of all sizes allows us to ref
Daisee Is Now Available on the Genesys AppFoundry
Daisee's quality management solutions are also integrated with Genesys Cloud.
PCI Pal Partners with Calabrio
PCI Pal's contact center payment solutions are integrated with Calabrio technology and available in the Calabrio Marketplace.
ProtoPie Introduces Full Voice Functionality Prototyping
With ProtoPie, voice interface developers can tap into the text-to-speech and speech-to-text engines already built into their browsers or operating systems.?
How data analytics helps achieve better outcomes for patient and healthcare providers
The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated a shift in data analytics. Teams who once coped with fragmented, delayed reports can no longer get by with this approach; they need an ecosystem that delivers real-time, data-driven, prescriptive insights that help th
How to alleviate physician burnout: 5 tips that can help
The odds of physicians leaving an organization due to burnout is 2 to 1, which has only been made worse by the coronavirus epidemic. Even before COVID, the World Health Organization (WHO) predicted a shortage of 18 million caregivers over the ne
Red Box Launches Conversa Voice Capture Platform
Conversa provides a gateway to real-time enterprise voice and media data.
More than ever, CDI teams make high-quality patient care possible
Each September, CDI Week provides a great opportunity to recognize the professional skill that the Clinical Documentation Improvement Specialists (CDSs) and their Health Information Management (HIM) cohorts bring to clarifying “what matters” for a complet
CEVA Partners with Fluent.ai on Multilingual Speech Understanding for Edge Devices
Fluent.ai's technologies for neural network-based speech-to-intent applications have been optimized for CEVA's low-power audio and sensor hub processors targeting wearables, consumer devices, and IoT.
Centerfield Adds Speech Analytics to Dugout Customer Acquisition Platform
Dugout technology platform now extends to in-person conversations and phone calls
How to make messaging successful!
Sending a message to a friend or family member is second nature. It’s quick, and above all, it’s extremely convenient. That convenience is something every customer-centric organization would love to bring to its support and service interactions. Most bran
Baidu Launches XiaoduPods Earbuds with Voice Capabilities
Baidu XiaoduPods offer built-in translation and voice search
[24]7.ai Unveils Engagement Cloud
[24]7.ai Engagement Cloud is an integrated conversational AI platform for businesses.
Voximplant Launches Voximplant Kit for No-Code Contact Center Development
With Voximplant Kit, companies can deploy omnichannel, speech-enabled contact centers in minutes. (Featured on DestinationCRM.com.)
Loom.ai Launches LoomieLive Pro for Creating Talking Avatars
LoomieLive Pro lets users create talking avatars for use on Zoom and other video communications platforms.
Call Journey Updates Australian Speech Solution?
Call Journey has released CJ V6.5, offering greater transcription accuracy
Working better, faster, and smarter: conversational AI solutions for remote work
There are several lessons to be learned from the COVID-19 pandemic—lessons like patience, creativity, resiliency, the value of slowing down. From a business perspective, we also have learned that some of us can do our work from anywhere. And as we conside
Speechmatics?and?Nuix Bring Speech Recognition to?E-Discovery
The partnership helps transform voice data into actionable insights.?