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Apr. 13 2004— Norwell, MA - Diagenix Corporation signs a three-year outsourcing agreement with Keystone Therapeutics that will extend Keystone's DoseResponse solution to callers using a telephone. DoseResponse is a safe, easy-to-use application that automates published dosage and ACCP recommendations, accelerates patient enrollment, provides documentation for billing, and tracks missed appointments. It utilizes a distributed, secure web interface to offer customization to fit your procedures. DoseResponse provides patients with dosage forms, instructions, and education handouts. Administrative reports and patient status reports are produced on a routine basis, based on practice preferences

In additions to monitoring medications via the Internet patients will now have the option to use the telephone by entering in a their userID and password. Diagenix Teleframe Q&A IVR application will then guide the caller through a series a questions that are tabulated and forwarded to the DoseResponse system for patient status reporting.

About Keystone Therapeutics

Keystone Therapeutics was incorporated in June, 2000 with the primary mission of designing, developing, marketing, and maintaining web-based solutions for the management of patients with chronic conditions. DoseResponse™, was designed to support the management and documentation of anticoagulant therapy. Other components soon to be added to DoseResponse™ include lipid and coronary disease management. Keystone Therapeutics, is committed to improving the quality of patient care, while enhancing reimbursement opportunities and reducing workloads for health care practitioners

If you are interested in learning more about the DoseResponse product, would like additional information sent to you, or would like to register for a DoseResponse evaluation account, please contact: Mark Hudson Vice President Of Sales 1 (800) 633-8642

About Diagenix
Diagenix is an innovative voice application company that provides enterprise-class voice, speech, and IVR solutions that enable organizations to provide anytime, anywhere access to information and resources over the telephone and via the internet. Diagenix makes voice- and web-based services strategic tools for improving customer service, reducing costs, and improving workforce productivity. Our customers include FORTUNE 500 organizations throughout the U.S. and Canada as well as government agencies. Diagenix products and services are sold and distributed through a direct sales organization and through select business partners.

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