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Diagenix has helped companies coast-to-coast reduce costs and improve service by applying superior business practices coupled with proven technologies.

Connectivity is the root of all fulfillment, in life and in work. At Diagenix, we are in the business of bridging these gaps and forging bonds between people, process, and technology. As a full spectrum IVR and speech solution provider, we leverage the power of standards-based technologies and a powerful services platform to enable businesses to extend their reach far beyond their four walls.

The Tools You Need

Our innovative products make the world a smaller, more accessible place by expanding the reach of information. As a full spectrum IVR and speech solution provider, our industry-leading products serve as the power source behind achieving your strategic business goals.

Channeling the Power of Speech

At Diagenix, we recognize the power of speech. In fact, we celebrate the influential potential of voice capabilities by removing the stress and complexity involved in designing, building, and maintaining these infrastructures for your business.

We’re more than just a tech company. We’re committed to the environment and guided by integrity, professionalism, and accountability. We take pride in not only being efficient and helpful, but also in being an experienced and valued choice in the customer service operations industry.

Our History

For the past 25 years, Diagenix has helped companies throughout the United States reduce costs and improve service with advanced business strategies and proven technologies. This winning combination has carried us through decades of evolving digital landscapes and emerging technologies. Driven by excellence with a purpose, we only stand by leading-edge solutions that will adapt and grow as your business does.

With headquarters  in Marshfield, Massachusetts, our privately held company has been a trusted partner and solutions provider with strong domain expertise that enable companies of all sizes to quickly and efficiently provide information to anyone, from anywhere, at any time. But we are so much more than skills listed on our resumé.

Our Commitment to the Environment

We value the trees outside our windows, appreciate the clarity of our water, and feel the responsibility to preserve the Earth for generations to come. We also recognize that businesses often have a negative impact on the environment—and because of this, we are passionate about finding ways in which we can reduce the impact of our work both in the office and out.

Diagenix conserves natural resources by using recycled materials and supplies, efficiently using energy, and participating in recycling programs for Diagenix products after they have served their useful life. We opt to go beyond our Environmental and Sustainability Policy as we conserve, reuse, and recycle as well as ethically dispose of waste.

Our Values

Help organizations transform the way they connect and interact with their customers, making it easier and more accessible to gain information through an AI-driven experience that expands to the channel of their choice. 

Elevated Service

We offer dedicated and professional service by people who understand your business and the exceptional technology available in the industry today.

A Committed Partner

As a small and responsive organization, our highly experienced management team stays ready and willing to go the extra mile.

Industry Expertise

Our proven track record of over 25 years of successful implementations exhibit our extensive knowledge in deploying small- to large-scale projects.

Genuine Partnerships

We find that there is a real strength and longevity in forging connections and building face to face relationships with our partners.

Top Technology, Solutions, and Platforms

We offer consistent support for open standards and technology as well as choice in speech technology and voice platforms.

Our Principles

We believe that life should be lived by a tried and true set of principles that make the world a better place. These principles mirror the morals that all of our employees and shareholders embrace.

Above all, treating others in the manner that we would like to be treated will always be our core guiding principle. Here, the Golden Rule reigns.

Make the Right Choice

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