Making It All Work Together

At Diagenix we understand that your enterprise is supported by a wide range of systems and applications. The key to success is knowing how to leverage your existing systems and applications by effectively integrating them with proven technology. Our integration capabilities and services include:

  • PBX/ACD—T1, E1, VoIP and Analog integration to all major switch vendors (Avaya, Nortel, Aspect, NEC)
  • Database—Enterprise database systems (MySQL, Oracle, DB2, Sybase, ODBC/JDBC, and others.)
  • Applications—Third-party & home-grown back-office systems and applications (SAP, CyberLife, Summit Systems, ERP, Peoplesoft and many others)
  • Systems and Middleware—IBM MQ, AS400, Mainframes, BEA, SOA, and more.
  • CTI—Integration to all major CTI and ACD vendors (Cisco, Avaya, Aspect, Genisys, Concerto, Crysilis)

The Diagenix Integration Process

Maximizing Your Infrastructure

Armed with these capabilities and integration services combined with our Teleframe® Service Integrator, middleware technology enables us to quickly and effectively connect to multiple systems and applications regardless of vendor or technology. If you already have some type of middleware or open standards-based VoiceXML platform in place we can work with you to recommend the best approach for getting the most out of your existing investments.

Millions of transactions are processed through our Teleframe® Service Integrator product each year. Companies such as AXA Financial, Citigroup, CSC, Phoenix Home Life and many other companies depend on this mission critical software to unify their heterogeneous information environments for use by their voice-based self-service applications.

Full Voice & Data Integration Services & Technology Provider
Ability to Integrate with All Major PBX and Network Providers
Ability to Work with a Wide Range of Third-party and Custom Applications, Systems, and Middleware
Full Support for All Leading CTI and ACD Products
If you want to talk to someone about a specific application, or for more information about the professional services we offer, please contact us at: