01. What is the typical turnaround time for pricing and quotations?
Turnaround time depends of the size of the project. In most cases we can get preliminary pricing out within 24 hours and for larger RFPs we typically can respond within 5-7 business days.
02. Who are some of your customers?
Fidelity Investments, Canada Life, Safeco, CNA, Protective Life, Citigoup, New York Life, CSC, Alamo Direct, The MONY Group, Mutual of Omaha, Sage Life, Commercial Credit, Forum Financial Group, Does Response, CSS, Aegon, Zurich Kemper Life, RoadLink USA, Liberty Mutual Life, ADP, American Skandia, SwissRe, Phoenix Home Life, Putnam Investments, American Funds
03. How long has Diagenix been in business?
Diagenix has been doing business for more than 25 Years.
04. Can I try before I buy?
For hosted applications yes, for on-site installation no.  However, in some cases we will build a proof-of-concept application at no charge so that your business and IT folks can get a better understanding and hands-on use of the solutions before you make your final decision.
05. If I wanted to purchase your solution and pay-over time without going through a leasing company is that an option?
Yes.  However, a small initial payment would be due up front with the remaining balance amortized over a 3 year period plus a time value of money charge.
06. Is Diagenix a public or private company?
Diagenix is a privately held corporation.
07. Do you require a deposit prior to work initiation or shipping products?
For existing customers who have established credit with us, no.  For new customers we do.  We may also require a one-time payment based on certain project requirements per engagement.