OnCall™ for Insurance is an application that has been designed specifically for insurance companies that offer Life, Annuity, Health or Group products. OnCall™ provides a flexible, vendor-neutral voice solution that is feature-rich and ready to run. Refined through years of use by real world insurance providers, OnCall™ comes loaded with a wide range of battle-tested functionality that can handle virtually any service requirement.

Features At A Glance:

OnCall™ for Insurance comes loaded with features designed to get you up and running quickly:

  Life Annuity Group &
Application Features
Entry - Policy Number, SSN, TIN and Other ID
Multi Policy Support
PIN/Password Entry
Automatic and Manual PIN/Password
Interest Rate  
Accumulation Value    
Cash and Surrender Value    
Unit Value    
Individual Fund Values    
Fund Transfers    
Agent Access & Restriction Capabilities
Statements and Forms via FAX
Loan by Phone    
Agent Commission Information  
Transfer Call to Service Representative
Fund Re-allocation    
Claim Status Information    
Payment Information
Loan Value    
Beneficiary Information
Dividend and Withdrawal Information    
Policy Issue Date
EFT Payment Information
Death Benefit/Face Amount    
Customized Business Rules
Order an ID Card    
Enrollment & Eligibility Information    
Billing and Premium Information
Change of Address
Holiday and After Hours Message
Hot Message Support
Custom Voice Prompts
CTI Support
Advanced HTML Reports
Last Five Transaction
Dividend Information    
General Information
Change Coverage    
Patient Eligibility    

The Ultimate Call Center For Insurance

OnCall™ for Insurance provides immediate access to a wide range of insurance-based functionality using automated self-service. If you don't see a required feature or function, in many cases we may already have built something similar for another customer, otherwise it's usually quick and easy for us to add it in using our extensive library of building blocks and components.

OnCall™ for Insurance can significantly reduce your implementation and development times by delivering a packaged ready-to-run voice application that has been proven through years of service. For companies that already have the development resources and want to take full control of their voice applications, we are here to support you every step of the way. Our solutions are deployable on any standard VoiceXML platform and we can provide you with as much or as little help as you need to get things up and running.

Flexibility Through Innovation

Designed from the ground up utilizing open standards such as VoiceXML, our series of voice applications are packaged vertical-market voice solutions that can be quickly deployed to meet industry-specific support challenges. All voice applications can be configured to be either 100% speech or touchtone driven or to use any combination of the two technologies. Our unique approach protects your software investment and eliminates the risks associated with selecting the best voice technology now or in the future.

* Back-end support provided through native web-services API, or using Service Integrator middleware.
Extensive Insurance-Specific Functionality
Proven-Reliability—Used by Leading Insurance Providers
Ready-to-Run with Minimal Setup Time
Speech or DTMF/Touchtone Operation
Real-Time Management Control and Statistics
Supports Standard Voice Platforms
Works with any Back-end Environment*
Extensive Application-Oriented Reporting
Flexible Configuration—Toggle Features On/Off as Needed
Integrates with VoiceXPress, SmartGuard, and SmartAlert services
Available Source Code
Solutions for Insurance Overview
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