The Teleframe® line of telephony and application servers have been designed and extensively tested to meet a wide range of user requirements and configuration options for traditional DTMF IVR, voice applications, Fax and Web solutions. These Diagenix certified systems are feature-rich and pre-configured to ensure high availability for use in mission critical voice application environments while providing efficient use of space and power.

Dependable Mission Critical Systems

Diagenix currently offers four lines of Teleframe® voice application servers:

Teleframe® 300 Series

Teleframe® 300 Series servers are ideal for deploying low- to medium-density voice and speech applications that have limited expansion requirements.

Teleframe® 500 Series

Teleframe® 500 Series servers provide a high-performance platform for deploying in- and out-bound voice applications with moderate to high call volumes and room for expansion.

Teleframe® 700 Series

Teleframe® 700 Series servers are designed for demanding high call volume environments that require the most capacity and expansion capabilities available.

Teleframe® 900 Series

Teleframe® 900 Series servers deliver outstanding performance and high-availability for demanding transaction-intensive and mission-critical applications such as Customer Self-Service, Text-To-Speech, and database servers.

Features At A Glance:

Teleframe® voice servers are available in a number of different configurations designed to meet a wide range of requirements:

  TF300 TF500 TF700 TF900
Max. Ports 24 48 144 N/A
Analog Interface  
Digital Interface (T1/E1)  
VoIP (SIP)  
Rack Mounted
Redundant Power
Lifetime Warranty
LSSGR & NEBS Compliance  
Extensive Cooling


Diagenix also offers a full range of hardware options and system accessories such as rack enclosures, the full line of AudioCodes and Dialogic telephony boards, DSU/CSU, routers and switches, voice gateways and other telephony related equipment.

Intel-Based Application & Telephony Servers
High- and Low-Density Configurations
LSSGR & NEBS Compliant
Standalone & Rackmount
Supports Analog, T1/E1, and VoIP Interfaces
Integrated Management & Monitoring
Lifetime Warranty w/ Diagenix Maintenance & Support
Teleframe® 300 Series
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Teleframe® 500 Series
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Teleframe® 700 Series
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Teleframe® 900 Series
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