The FastStart Approach is an implementation methodology that helps companies like yours offer superior speech-enabled self-service to customers quickly and affordably. Bundling design best practices, proven speech technology, preconfigured reporting and professional services, this resultsoriented approach provides core self-service functionality tailored to your customer's needs. The ever-expanding solution family delivered with FastStart Approach addresses both industry-specific and cross-vertical functionality including:

  • Self-service for healthcare insurance, banking and utilities
  • Call steering
  • Caller authentication

Based on Nuance's 20+ years of innovation, experience and best practices in speech applications and customer experience, the FastStart Approach substantially reduces the cost and time to market of best-in-class self-service applications. And because they're delivered by the leaders in customer care, you can count on maximum results with minimal risk.

FastStart Approach for Self-Service

The current solutions offered with FastStart Approach are Self Service Applications tailored for Banking, Utilities, and Health Insurance companies as well as Call Steering and Authentication. This list will continue to expand. What you can be sure, is that the savings are significant, and the delivery time is expedited.

Pre-defined and verified designs, templates, and speech components are utilized ensuring not only delivery within an expedited timeframe, but also predictable application performance. We dramatically reduce the risk of implementing speech applications since we can tell you up front how the application will perform.

Nuance FastStart for Utilities includes the following essential speech self-service functionality: :

Identification & Verification
  • ANI match Phone number
  • Account number
  • Confirm name
  • Confirm address
Account Information
  • Current balance amount
  • Amount that is past due
  • Next bill due date
  • Last payment of $ received on
  • Enrolled in a payment plan or budget plan
Pay by phone
  • Set up automatic payments
  • Select check or credit card
  • Credit card number
  • Credit card exp date
  • Credit card CVV number
  • Check routing number
  • Check account number
  • Billing zip code
  • Amount they wish to pay
  • Confirmation number
Report an outage
  • Select outage type
  • Play outage status
  • Confirm address
  • Report outage
  • Outage confirmed
Industry-Specific Solutions
Leverage knowledge gained through more than two decades of experience
Eliminate surprises with pre-defined expectations
30-60% savings over standard practice
40-50% faster implementation than standard practice
Nuance FastStart Data Sheet
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