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Jun. 15 2001— Norwell, MA - In an effort to reduce mailing costs and increase voter response rates a major mutual fund provider looked to Diagenix for additional help. The project entailed the utilization of Diagenix's outsourcing facility and the VoiceXPress notification service. "We have been offering this service for almost five years now and our objective has also been focused on helping our customer increase their voter response rates, while at the same time running a high-quality and professional campaign," said Anton Arapoff, President and CEO, Diagenix Corporation.

"Yet again we are very pleased with the results. We have been working with Diagenix for more than two years now and their professional staff and technology continues to help us increase the voter response rate and save on mailing costs. This time we increased the response rate by more than 50%," said one senior executive who was in charge of the proxy project. "The proof is in the results. We're seeing an average increase in voter response rates for the last seven projects to be around 38%, that's an excellent way to get the word out quickly, effectively and for a short amount of money compared to traditional mailings," said Arapoff.
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