Teleframe® ResponseCenter™ is a call response tracker and management service that makes it extremely easy to setup, monitor, and track customer response rates for advertising campaigns, media buys, customer feedback and more. Teleframe® ResponseCenter™ helps manage your advertising investments and increase sales. Teleframe® ResponseCenter™ can easily work with your existing call center infrastructure or can be used standalone as requirements demand.

Teleframe® ResponseCenter™

Teleframe® ResponseCenter™ utilizes advanced call center infrastructure to ensure your campaigns run reliably and that they can handle all the call volume you throw at them.

Key Service Features
ResponseCenter™ utilizes a powerful and scalable infrastructure to track your campaign and bring you results. Campaigns can either be setup for you by Diagenix or independently using an easy-to-use web interface.
  • Configurable Campaign Settings:
    • 800 Number & Local Number assignments
    • URL & parameter assignments
    • Call Forwarding Assignments (1-to-1, 1-to-many, GEO routing)
    • Unassigned Response-ID handling
    • E-Mail Options
  • Advanced Call Handling Options:
    • Call Recording
    • Caller-ID
    • Call Start/End URL Postbacks
    • Custom Call Messages
    • Caller Selectable Extensions
    • Call Recording
    • Voicemail
  • Flexible Call Routing:
    • One-to-one forwarding destination assignments
    • One-to-many forwarding assignments (round-robin, weighted)
    • GEO Routing
    • Configurable Timeouts/Hunting
    • Advanced Routing (by State, NPA, NPA-NXX, LATA, OCN, & Rate Center)
  • Customizable Messaging:
    • Caller Messages (Business Hours, After Hours)
    • Whisper Messages (during call forward/transfer)
    • Custom Error Messages
    • Custom Voicemail Message
  • Call Tracking & Reporting:
    • Real-time reports
    • Track calls (Total, Unique, Rings)
    • Track Leads (Total, Unique)
    • Call Duration
    • Geographical Totals
    • Time-of-day Totals
    • Automatic report delivery (e-mail)
Key Technology Features
  • Extensive capacity—Accommodates any call volume.
  • Real-time Visibility and Reporting—Web based monitoring and visibility of your campaign in action including advanced reports.
  • Start, Stop, Monitor & Track—Pause or resume one or more campaigns, re-configure Campaign Settings on the fly. Monitor campaign progress and review statistics.
  • Click-to-Call™—Provides ability to place buttons on web pages that enable users to enter a phone number to be automatically called back at.
  • Reverse Phone Number Lookup—Optionally enable reverse number lookups to obtain caller name and address information which can be used on reports or web call-backs to outside systems.
  • Web Services Interface—Easy integration to your existing systems for end-to-end campaign processing. Call-backs can be made before and after each incoming call.

Getting Started Is Easy

We make getting started with ResponseCenter™ fast and easy. In most cases we can get your first campaign up and running within hours. Subsequent campaigns require even less time to setup—you can run them as often as you like.

All Diagenix Hosted Voice Solutions come with as much, or as little, help as you need. We offer two levels of service to choose from:

  • Total Managed Service—Diagenix takes care of everything, from requirements, setting up and importing your campaign file, recording and/or drafting your messages to implementation, monitoring and reporting.
  • Shared Managed Service—You provide us with information to setup your account, then we provide you access to the system so you can setup, run, and monitor your campaigns.

To get started with ResponseCenter™ simply contact our sales department and a representative can walk you through setting up an account. Once an account has been setup you can upload your contact information and sit back and watch as ResponseCenter™ does the rest.

Response Center™ in Action
Direct Marketers
Automotive: National Dealership Programs
Financial Services: Regional Advisors
Insurance: Independent & Captive Agents
Healthcare: Patient Referrals
Hospitality Industry
Education / Enrollment
Lead Tracking
Easy to Setup and Use
Track Effectiveness of Campaigns & Media Buys
Online Monitoring & Tracking (24x7)
Customizable Local & Toll Free Numbers
Keyword Tracking
Track number of calls
Listen to recorded calls
Dynamic Number Replacement
Use Different Phone Numbers
Web Services API (Custom Reporting)
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