Teleframe® SmartGuard™ is a network-based watchdog monitoring service that utilizes our advanced hosting infrastructure to enable any organization to integrate event notification triggers into their applications for a fraction of the cost of what it would take to build and maintain internally.

SmartGuard™ enables users to setup and maintain remote monitoring and notification scenarios quickly and easily. A web services interface makes it easy to incorporate advanced notification and alert functionality into any application or system process without having to buy or maintain costly hardware.

Teleframe® SmartGuard™

SmartGuard™ can be configured to send alert notifications using voice messages, pagers, fax, SMS text, and e-mail. Messages can be sent to one or more locations as needed with full support for contact lists, alternate numbers, and advanced "follow-me" scenarios.

Reasons To Use SmartGuard™

SmartGuard™ speeds up and automates the contact process replacing other more traditional means of broadcasting information.

SmartGuard™ Key Features
  • Simple Web Services Interface
  • No special hardware or software required
  • Consistent 7x24x365 coverage for announcements
  • Multi-modal message delivery (Phone, Page, Fax, E-mail, SMS)
  • Secure Messaging and Administration
  • Advanced Reporting and Event History Logs

Incorporate SmartGuard™ into your mission critical business applications and processes to be sure you get notified when you absolutely need to know what is going on.

Monitor Multiple Applications or Processes Concurrently
User-Configurable Alert Parameters
No Special Hardware or Software is Required
Simple Web-Services Interface
Multi-Modal Message Delivery
(Phone, Pager, Fax, E-Mail)
High Capacity On-Demand
Real-Time Status & Monitoring
Delivery Confirmation
Proven Reliability
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