Teleframe® VoiceXPress™ is a voice broadcasting service that utilizes our advanced hosting infrastructure to enable businesses, government agencies, and non-profit organizations of all sizes to send thousands, or even millions, of voice messages quickly and securely.

Teleframe® VoiceXPress™

VoiceXPress™ can be used to get your message out for reminders, political calls, product updates, alerts, financial news, get-out-to-vote (GOTV) and much more. Advanced features such as interactive voice messages via touch-tone and speech are also available when you need to receive feedback with each call for applications such as surveying, renewal confirmation, or transfers to live operators.

Key Campaign Features
VoiceXPress™ utilizes a powerful queuing engine to drive your campaign and bring you results. Job campaigns can either be setup for you by Diagenix or independently using an easy-to-use web interface.
  • Import with Ease—A simple way to import your data into a job campaign including filtering records for DO NOT CALL lists and redundant records.
  • Configurable Job Campaign settings:
    • Time-of-day and day-of-week
    • Time zone sensitivity & priority
    • Record prioritization
    • Multi Job Campaign priority
    • Number of retries for busy, no answer, line error
    • Time between Retries
    • Age in call queue
    • Set Voice Message type based on device
    • Outbound CallerID Indicator
    • Select Rate of Call Delivery
    • Privacy record removal
  • Start, Stop, Monitor & Track—Pause or resume one or more job campaigns, re-configure Job Campaign Settings on the fly. Monitor job campaign progress and review statistics.
Key Technology Features
  • Answering Machine and Live Caller Detection —98% accuracy rate for detecting answering machine and other devices.
  • Extensive capacity—Accommodates any call volume.
  • Integrated Campaign Alerts—Fully integrated with Diagenix SmartAlert™ for alert notification messaging using voice, Fax, pager, E-mail and SMS.
  • Real-time Visibility and Reporting—Web based monitoring and visibility of your job campaign in action including advanced reports.
  • Multiple Message Support—Play messages based on connection type or interactive responses.
  • Web Service Interface—Easy integration to your existing systems for end-to-end campaign processing.
  • Advanced Features—Speech Recognition and Text-to-Speech for greater flexibility and message delivery.

Getting Started Is Easy

We make getting started with VoiceXPress™ fast and easy. In most cases we can get your first notification campaign up and running within hours. Subsequent campaigns require even less time to setup—you can run them as often as you like.

All Diagenix Hosted Voice Solutions come with as much, or as little, help as you need. We offer two levels of service to choose from:

  • Total Managed Service—Diagenix takes care of everything, from requirements, setting up and importing your campaign file, recording and/or drafting your message to implementation, monitoring and reporting.
  • Shared Managed Service—You ship us your campaign file, message and/or voice prompt and we setup your job requirements, implement and monitoring the results.

To get started with VoiceXPress™ simply contact our sales department and a representative can walk you through setting up an account. Once an account has been setup you can upload your contact information and sit back and watch as VoiceXPress™ does the rest.

VoiceXPress™ in Action
Reminder Calls
Dealer Promotions
School Closures/Emergencies
Prospect Follow-up
Get-Out-To-Vote (GOTV)
Emergency Notification
Customer Satisfaction Surveys
Welcome Calls
Power Outages
Recall Notices
Automated High-Volume Voice Message Delivery
Flat, Fixed-Price per Minute
Charges Apply Only to Delivered Calls
Easy Campaign Setup and Administration
Flexible Job Scheduling
(One-Time & Recurring)
Real-Time Status & Reporting
Start, Stop, and Pause Campaigns On-The-Fly
Delivery Confirmation
Proven Reliability
If you want to talk to someone about a specific application, or for more information about the voice application hosting services we offer, please contact us at: