Nuance Vocalizer is the leading speech output solution converting any written text into spoken output. Vocalizer advances the state of the art in automated speech output. Along with the ability to gracefully blend static and dynamic speech output, Vocalizer features enhanced speech quality and accuracy through optimized text processing, more comprehensive pronunciation dictionaries, and, in many languages, complete voice refreshes. It is fully interoperable with Nuance Speech Server 6 and Nuance Recognizer 10 products.

Nuance Vocalizer is the complete spoken output engine that can be integrated with any Unified Communication System or Telephony Environment that supports MRCP. It automates more calls by speaking information that would otherwise have required transferring the call to a customer service representative to read. Nuance Vocalizer avoids patchwork prompts by blending high quality text-to-speech with pre-recorded audio for seamless conversations with callers. With Nuance Vocalizer, you can always tell your callers what they need to hear.

The product is currently available for use in either a Real–time IVR or Telephony environment or for Audio File generation for later playback as indicated below by product name:

  • Nuance Vocalizer for Network – for use in Real–time IVR or Telephony environments
  • Nuance Vocalizer Studio – for use in tuning dictionary and active prompts within Vocalizer Basic and Network
  • Nuance Vocalizer Studio Offline – for use in Audio File generation outside of a Real–time IVR or Telephony environment.

Avoid Unnecessary Transfers

Sometimes a caller needs to hear dynamic information that's tough to pre-record with voice talent such as names, addresses or information from a database. Vocalizer's text-to-speech capabilities can read back that information as part of an automated system, saving a transfer to an agent to complete the task.

Automate More Calls

Research has shown that callers are more likely to complete an automated call when they hear information such as names and addresses read clearly by a single voice. Callers who hear “patchwork prompts” of multiple voices with poorer quality text-to-speech are distracted by the mixed voices and are more likely to opt-out of automation.

Lower Implementation and Operational Costs

Simplify application development by managing recorded prompts and computer-generated speech through one unified interface

Hear the Difference with Vocalizer 6

  • Advanced syntactic analysis for better modeling of prosody, emphasis and intonation
  • Newest voice building techniques incorporating expressive recordings
  • over 100 voices and 52 languages
  • Extend morphosyntactical analysis across more languages
  • Add stronger NLU capabilities
  • Increase the support to a deeper text preprocessing for reading news, email, etc
  • Additional higher quality and multilingual voices
  • Gilded speech for higher naturalness


Sampling of Vocalizer 6 Voices

English (US)







Nuance Vocalizer Availability Notice

This document provides the availability status, support status, and transition dates for Nuance Vocalizer. “On or After” indicates an earliest possible transition date when a specific date has not yet been established. Nuance product availability and support policy, including relevant terms, are defined in the governing license agreement. Exceptions to this policy, including the availability or support stated herein, must be granted in writing by Nuance via Diagenix.

Ready for Cloud
Vocalizer 6 for Network Available in 52 Languages and over 100 Voices
Name and Address Optimization
Highly Tunable and Customizable
Provide a Superior Caller Experience
Lower Implementation and Operational Costs
Easy to Use
Standards Support (SSML, VXML, and MRCPv2)
AMRCPv1 and MRCPv2 Support
Operates on all Standard Operating Systems
Nuance Vocalizer 6 Data Sheet
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Nuance Vocalizer 6 Language Availability
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Tech Notes: Vocalizer 6 New Features & Changes
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Nuance Vocalizer 5 Data Sheet
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Nuance Vocalizer 5 Language Availability
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Nuance Vocalizer Studio
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Nuance Vocalizer Availability Notice
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