Nuance Recognizer is the best-of-breed speech recognition software that dramatically increases the efficiency of your self-service solutions. Delivering high recognition accuracy and enabling more natural conversations, Nuance Recognizer allows your callers to experience more efficient and satisfying self-service interactions. Nuance Recognizer can perform well even when faced with challenges such as noisy environments, mobile phone callers, Internet-based calls, regional accents, local dialects or multiple languages. It learns from its mistakes and makes automatic adjustments to improve over time.

Deliver a Great Customer Service Experience

Built upon years of experience across six different product lines, the tenth-generation Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) engine is used around the world in over 86 different languages. It delivers the industry's highest recognition accuracy even as it encourages natural, human-like conversations that create more satisfying self-service interactions with customers. A built-in, Natural Language Understanding (NLU) engine understands and interprets a broad range of words, phrases and full sentences. The engine returns a simple, structured interpretation of the meaning which allows users to interact with the system in a more natural and intuitive way. Cloud-ready capabilities, sensitive data management and advanced monitoring and deployment management, allows users unprecedented flexibility in creating and operating speech resources. Together, these capabilities add up to unparalleled levels of accuracy, reliability, and ease of use that will transform the way you care for your customers.

Foundation Technologies from Nuance

Save Money by Automating Calls

Speech-enabled self-service systems can answer inquiries, take orders and collect payments — saving you money by handling repetitive tasks. Also, speech recognition automates what touchtone can't. Collecting names and addresses. Avoiding long lists of options. Handling hands-free callers. You can save your service representatives for customers who actually do need to talk to someone live.

Intelligent, Flexible Conversations

Nuance Recognizer v10.5 promotes more natural interactions with callers through features like one-step correction, implicit confirmations, mixed initiative, selective barge-in and conversation management.

The Most Advanced Natural Language Support

Through advancements in the semantic and language modeling, Nuance Recognizer v10.5 is unsurpassed in its ability to interpret openended responses. The latest breakthrough, interpolated language models, enables SpeakFreely to boost recognition accuracy using contextual and personalized information. As a result, callers can interact with your self-service solution using more natural, longer duration conversational speech.

Continuous Recognition Improvement

Nuance Recognizer v10.5 learns and improves on its own over time thanks to built-in tuning. What's more, Nuance Application Reporting gathers the business intelligence needed to recommend broader tuning initiatives.

Nuance Recognizer Availability Notice

This document provides the availability status, support status, and transition dates for Nuance Recognizer. “On or After” indicates an earliest possible transition date when a specific date has not yet been established. Nuance product availability and support policy, including relevant terms, are defined in the governing license agreement. Exceptions to this policy, including the availability or support stated herein, must be granted in writing by Nuance via Diagenix.

Superior Reliability
Ready for Cloud
Ease of Deployment and Maintenance
Data Security Controls
Save Money by Automating Calls
Understand What Callers Mean
Analyze Your Performance
Work with the Latest Industry Standards
MRCPv1 and MRCPv2 Support
Operates on all Standard Operating Systems
New in Version 10.5: Available in Over 86 Languages and Dialects
New in Version 10: Accuracy Improved by 35.6% in English and 20% Across 65 Languages
New in Version 10: Over 10x Improvement in Semantic Interpretation Performance
Nuance Recognizer 10.5 Data Sheet
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Nuance Recognizer 9 Data Sheet
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Nuance Recognizer Language Availability
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Tech Notes: Recognizer 10 New Features & Changes
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Nuance Recognizer Availability Notice
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