Sonde Health's Voice-Screening App Helps Companies Return to Work
Sonde Health's voice-enabled health screening tool combines six-second voice analysis, COVID-19 questionnaire, and body temperature reading in one app.
SOSi Invests in AppTek
SOSi has invested in AppTek to advance artificial intelligence and machine learning for its speech recognition and translation offerings.
Conversational Systems Market to Hit $37.19 Billion by 2027
Grand View Research expects the conversational systems market to grow by 26.3 percent per year for the next seven years.
ReadSpeaker Signs Two Key Japanese Clients
ReadSpeaker's text-to-speech will provide voices for a Japanese rail service and office complex.
Acapela Releases Acapela Cloud
Acapela Cloud is an online service for building speech-enabled applications.
CereProc Partners with Hanson Robotics
CereProc's lends its AI-powered voice puppetry to Hanson's Sophia the Robot.
How to tool-up your contact center in step with Forrester’s COVID-19 response plan
For many customer service organizations, the response to COVID-19 began as a frantic sprint. But as the weeks have passed, it’s become clear this is a marathon. And as every runner knows, if you want to succeed over long distances, it pays to have a plan.
Route One Connect Partners with Aculab
Route One will offer Aculab's voice biometrics as part of its contact-center-as-a-service (CCaaS) portfolio.
At Home I’m a Cybersecurity Help Desk
Like many of my cybersecurity colleagues, I have friends and family members who are not exactly sure what I do for a living. Most of them are certain about one thing however, if you have security questions, “Just ask Leslie”.  So, over the years I have sh
Parlance Speech Applications Rated Avaya-Compliant
Parlance's voice-first call routing applications are compliant with key Avaya contact center solutions.
Good Data Governance, Good Business
During a recent webinar, I participated on a panel focused on implementing a strong data privacy strategy to make a business more resilient. While preparing for the panel I considered different ways companies can leverage their privacy and compliance prog
Imbio lung AI models support lung disease diagnosis and care via Nuance AI Marketplace
Q&A Jonathon Dreyer: Tell us about your business – when and how you started and your development journey. Mike Hostetler:  We founded Imbio in 2012 as a medical imaging software company and have since developed multiple, fully automated 3D v
Intelligent Authentication (IAuth): An Origin Story
At the turn of the century, Intelligent Authentication emerged from the same primordial goo that spawned every initiative to “Kill the Password”. The value proposition was simple: “People should not have to remember a PIN or answer a series of questions i
Nuance AI Marketplace Accelerates AI Adoption for Radiologists
Leveraging Nuance's PowerScribe reporting solution and PowerShare Network, the AI Marketplace facilitates the use of AI in healthcare.
Dolbey Speech Solutions Top KLAS Report
Dolbey Fusion Narrate receives the highest user score for front-end speech recognition for EMRs in KLAS' 2020 report.
Sensory Updates TrulySecure
Sensory's TrulySecure biometrics platform provides greater convenience and benefit for the new normal; capable of recognizing coughs and sneezes.
Nuance Adds Support for Google’s Business Messages to Virtual Assistant and Live Chat Offerings
The Nuance Intelligent Engagement Platform now seamlessly integrates with Google’s Business Messages, which Google announced today, allowing organizations to extend their virtual assistant and live chat deployments to new digital channels. Google’s Busine
Voice App Lab Launches Game Box
Voice App Lab's Game Box is a collection of voice games for Amazon Alexa devices.
A Real View: Radiology’s Post-COVID Road to Recovery
The sudden and disruptive hard pivot that radiologists made as the COVID-19 pandemic struck early in the spring was more than just a series of necessary adaptations. It also signaled the acceleration of digital transformation initiatives that were underwa
Rev.com Launches Live Captions for Zoom
Rev.com's speech-to-text engine allows Zoom users to add live, real-time captions to their meetings.