Thriving in an era of legal automation
One of the advantages of my role at Nuance is hearing from customers about how our solutions help them navigate changing dynamics within their industries.  I was reminded of this recently from my sales team; they were discussing how our documentation and
Robots here, there and everywhere, and now in the office
Nuance’s Document Imaging Division is now part of Kofax. Learn more Excuse me for one moment while I move away from my laptop to let the eufy RoboVac work its magic around my desk. In 2019, it’s hardly novel that little robot vacuums wander around hundred
The documentation workflow challenge
What is a documentation workflow and why is it important? In simplistic terms, it’s the systems businesses use to create, track, edit and manage the paperwork they produce day to day, and any inefficiencies, inaccuracies or gaps in this process can have a
Securing your print environment – driving without a map
Nuance’s Document Imaging Division is now part of Kofax. Learn more Would you ever go on a road trip knowing only the destination? Of course not. To “get there” efficiently, you need a map. Our hospitals also need a map to improve their compli
Why better documentation can help improve financial compliance
Like many industries, financial advisors face unique challenges, as highlighted in a recent article in Forbes Magazine. Whether these center around managing client expectations, maintaining the operational side of running a business, to keeping up with th
At the end of the day…show your respect
When you read the title, did you think this blog would be about respecting your elders?  When we hear the phrase, “show your respect,” it’s usually in that context. I want to challenge us all to think more broadly about respect, because respect is simply
Print and capture: on the horns of a dilemma
The Greek poet Homer wrote about Scylla and Charybdis, two “sea monsters” who were situated in the straits between Sicily and Italy. The hero Odysseus, while traveling on his famous Odyssey, was forced to choose which of the two monsters to confront to co
Dragon makes what matters
Not a day goes by that my team and I don’t discuss the impact our solutions have on the day-to-day lives of the people and the industries we serve, but there comes a time when a customer’s story truly crystalizes this for us. Recently we experienced
AAC Tech Can Help Those with Speech Disabilities Navigate Public Places
Augmentative and alternative communication puts control in the hands of people with speech disabilities, and that should be good for businesses, too
Taking the guesswork out of secure document transactions with integrated PDF and eSignature tools
  As companies continue to evaluate various digital transformation strategies today, many are choosing to implement electronic signature (eSignature) solutions. Doing so is a smart business decision: Not only does the technology deliver many benefits
What’s that place? Open that window! Play that song! Experiencing the digital car of the future at CES 2019
At booth 4138 of this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) visitors got a chance to experience Nuance’s Dragon Drive mobility assistant during a virtual cruise down the streets of the Big Apple. In a 220°-degree immersive theater we brought “the city th
3 ways speech recognition helps in police incident reporting
Incident reporting is important in police work and helps keep investigations and cases moving along, but it can also be time-consuming. In fact, close to fifty percent of an officer’s day can be spent typing up reports or entering data into computer-aided
Building trust with a virtual assistant voice
Credibility and trust are instrumental in ensuring consumer loyalty. A customer who believes you and trusts you, works for you. They champion your brand and products and bring other folks with them.  For a voice-enabled application this puts a lot of pres
Integrating TTS in Web Browsers Is Harder Than It Sounds
Text-to-speech for webpages has to tackle modern English's dizzying complexity
At the end of the day…there’s power in taking a break
There are many scientific studies that show the power of taking a break. Whether it’s a quick break during the day to clear your head, taking a day off on the weekend to relax, or taking a vacation to re-energize, the science shows that breaks provide bet
Need for digital tools in financial services
The adoption of digital tools in financial services continues to grow. From automation through tools like robo-advisors that help augment customer service, new applications backed by AI and machine learning, to the need to keep up with increased competiti
Healthcare CX Is Increasingly Fraught, but Speech Tech Provides an Answer
AI-powered bots, armed with natural language understanding, are giving vital help to users navigating healthcare
Experts share top cybersecurity predictions for 2019
  Last year printer security captured our collective attentions as HP held the first bug bounty program for printer security, researchers showed that a fax number is all an attacker needs to exploit the vulnerabilities in our networks and hackers mad
My fifteen-year journey with Dragon
At only 21 years old, living with a disability in a developing country (Nairobi, Kenya), the chances that I would ever live a close to normal life seemed slim. Just before I joined University, I was involved in a road crash where I sustained a spinal cord
Law firms continue to turn to technology to meet practice needs
Innovation is no longer a buzzword in the legal industry, as more and more legal professionals look to technology to help them work. From AI-powered solutions that automate workflows, applications like e-discovery to help load and search for data, to web-