The Way Forward: Physician retention and turnover in critical access and rural hospitals
This article was first published on July 15, 2019, by Health Data Management. Reposted with permission. Rural health facilities and critical access hospitals face the same inherent operating challenges as larger and urban organizations; the difference, ho
Stir/Shaken – Shaking things up for fraud prevention
It might be surprising to know that during my time penning this blog, I received a call from “Kate about my small business loan.” It was a recording and when I called the number back, after answering a few details about myself I was routed to a call cente
Why back to school resets my focus to saving time
This summer, we had more than 30 interns from universities across the country working throughout the company, in departments from Research and Development, Finance, Marketing, Professional Services, Information Technology, and Sales Operations. Our intern
Intelligence at Work: Knee Osteoarthritis Labeling Assistant (KOALA) for detecting signs of knee osteoarthritis by IBL
As the population ages, arthritis and other musculoskeletal diseases are an increasing cause of physician visits and health care spending.  With increased prevalence comes an increased burden for rapid, precise diagnosis and staging, as well as an ability
New App from Purdue Researchers Makes Programming Robots Easy
We'll soon have access to affordable and simple robots performing practical tasks, but how do we program and control these machines effectively? Researchers think they've found the answer: our smartphones.
Video: Enabling Transparency in VUI Design
Grand Studio Lead Designer Diana Deibel discusses multiple approaches to making VUI design transparent--the Google vs. Alexa, system-initiated vs. user-initiated--in this clip from her presentation at SpeechTEK 2019.
Uniphore Seeing Momentum: Raises $51 Million in Series C Funding Led by March Capital Partners
New round is Uniphore's largest to-date; one of the biggest in conversational AI in recent months.
Voice: The Most Accurate Way to Detect Human Emotion
Voice can expose even the best poker face. When we turn our complete attention to voice, it turns out that we can more accurately predict other people's emotions simply by listening.
At the End of the Day… gather knowledge
Last week I traveled to Atlanta to a training facility we often refer to as going to “camp.”  Although the accommodations are basic, the work we do there together is always worth the trip. A cross-functional group gathered to share knowledge on some of ou
Making time to deliver an excellent client experience
Financial advisors, like many professionals in service-related fields, spend a lot of time on administrative work. They need to keep up with daily paperwork, meet regulatory compliance requirements, and deliver the right products and services to clients.
Inference Solutions Earns Frost & Sullivan?s Customer Value Leadership Award
Inference Solutions' Studio Platform is highlighted for Leading Development of the fast-growing Intelligent Virtual Agent market by Frost & Sullivan.
How Human Is Too Human?
We hear, quite often, that conversational AI need to be more human. What this means is that we want it to perform for us at the same level as a human assistant, but we still want to know it's a machine.
Contact center transformation pitfalls (and how to avoid them)
Future-proof customer service Customer expectations continue to rise rapidly, and there’s no sign of that slowing down. They’re going to continue challenging companies to give them better experiences and make every interaction effortless. To meet these ex
Chatmeter Adds Google Q&A Feature to Social Suite
Chatmeter's Google Q&A helps brands gain the ability to act on user-generated responses at scale while improving customer experience, local rankings and voice search.
Video: What Is the Minimum Amount of Speech for Authentication?
Pindrop Director of Product Marketing Ben Cunningham discusses best practices for voice authentication in IVR design in this clip from his panel at SpeechTEK 2019.
Software Inside the Hardware: Unlocking the Skills in a VUI
Much as developers rushed to put new apps onto Apple's App Store in 2009, we're seeing a bit of a gold rush to develop new skills for voice assistants. But developing for a VUI is an entirely different challenge.
Apple to Let Users Opt Out of Siri Response Grading Over Privacy Concerns
Apple has temporarily suspended its Siri response grading program over privacy concerns and says users will be able to opt-out in future iterations of its popular voice assistant.
AI is capturing the legal industry’s attention
The mystique around AI technology is driving a tendency for lawyers, especially those working in small practices, to believe that it’s inaccessible. And, it is a luxury that only larger legal firms and departments can afford. The increased adoption and av
Marchex Launches Sales Edge, an AI-Based Product Suite to Drive Increased Sales
Powered by Marchex Conversational AI technology for phone and text, Sales Edge delivers new capabilities and insights that it says allows businesses to outperform the competition.
Marchex Releases Conversational AI Technology Built to Predict Customer Intent, Create Personalized Sales Experiences?
New suite of predictive AI models featuring 230 AI signals and growing creates powerful conversational insights for businesses that engage with customers over the phone and via text.