Higher Learning: AI, ML, and Speech Tech in Academia
Academics are at the forefront of the biggest AI changes in the industry. Learn more about the latest breakthroughs, the questions researchers are trying to answer, and the challenges they face.
Video: How Biometrics Can Detect Deepfakes
Pindrop Director of Product Marketing Ben Cunningham discusses how liveness detection, synthetic speech detection, and other deep voice biometric technologies can fight the threat deepfakes pose in this clip from a panel at SpeechTEK 2019.
TRMA Telecommunications Risk Management Association – A team huddle for telcos
Today’s telcos are facing unprecedented fraudulent attacks. Fraudsters are outpacing solutions and evolving their schemes daily. In this digital climate, carriers want to offer the most robust options for engagement, payment and potential sales, supportin
Verint Introduces AI-Infused Knowledge Management for Knowledge as a Service
Verint Systems Inc. announced the release of the latest enhancements to Verint's Knowledge Management Professional TM solution, including patented AI technology and new automation features.
Five Must-have Speech Recognition Capabilities For the Modern Contact Center
The latest advances in speech-to-text technology enable analytics software to deliver the most accurate and complete customer insights. To do so, robust ASR solutions must be able to do five things.
The rising impact of technology in law enforcement
As we continue to prepare for IACP 2019, this year has sparked a lot of conversation amongst my team and me about how technology has become an integral piece of the law enforcement arsenal. It’s exciting to see the impact new technology is making an
Chorus.ai?s State of Conversation Intelligence Shows What a Good Sales Call Looks Like
Chorus.ai, an conversational intelligence provider, released its twice-annual report which offers insights to help sales teams close more deals, and successfully coach employees.
Speech Understanding: The Next Leap in Speech Recognition
Deep learning and the data that feeds it will drive speech tech's commercial use
A Real View of HealthCheck: An analytics service for improving patient and financial outcomes
Easy access to detailed analytics is something most of us take for granted. That’s true in nearly every aspect of our business and personal lives, from sales and P&L reports, to web and social media analytics, to home banking apps, and even our workou
Video: Detecting Deception in Speech, Pt. 2: Findings
Interactions LLC NLP Scientist Yocheved Levitan outlines the findings of a recent academic study on detecting deceptive speech and how to distinguish it from truthful speech in this clip from her presentation at SpeechTEK 2019.
Why Nuance introduced a cloud-native biometrics platform
Fraud is unrelenting. According to the ACFE’s 2018 Report to the Nations, it’s now a $4 trillion global problem. With data breaches on the rise, and usernames and passwords compromised, it is simple for fraudsters to get access to most any individual’s pe
What’s in the CMS FY2020 IPPS Final Rule?
With the release of their FY2020 IPPS Final Rule, CMS appears to be sending a clear message: they’re working to transform the healthcare delivery system to bring patients better value and better outcomes. The new policies reflect some historic changes as
The Key to Business Growth: Using AI to Break Barriers in Sales Conversations
Businesses let hundreds of millions of dollars?slip through their fingertips because they fail to recognize opportunities embedded in conversational nuance. But AI can help.
The countdown to IACP 2019
In my blog last month, I discussed how my team and I have been preparing for the upcoming International Association of Chiefs of Police annual conference (IACP 2019). Now, with the show only a few weeks away, we are getting excited about the opportunity t
Nuance Communications Automotive Spin-off Cerence Inc. Forays into Pure-play Automotive Software Company
The spin-off of the automotive business from Nuance will enable Cerence to deliver on its mission of building immersive experiences that make people feel happier, safer, more informed, and entertained in their cars.
Q&A: Dr. Nava Shaked on Evaluation, Testing Methodology & Best Practices for Speech-Based Interaction Systems
Get a sneak-peak into Dr. Nava Shaked's SpeechTEK workshop in this Q&A. Learn everything you need to know about evaluation, testing, and best practices for speech-based interactions.
The Way Forward with Dr. Budman: Key advice when upgrading or deploying new technologies
This article was first published on October 1, 2019, by Health Data Management. Reposted with permission. Healthcare organizations continue to focus effort and attention on combating physician burnout to not only improve the health and wellbeing of provid
Survey Says Users Still Suspicious of Conversational AI
When Google debuted Duplex in 2018, the voice assistant was deemed a little too human sounding, prompting some to wonder whether it was ethical to have an unsuspecting stranger engage with it. New research suggests people's concerns have not gone away.
Video: Detecting Deception in Speech, Pt. 1: Methods
Interactions LLC NLP Scientist Yocheved Levitan discusses a recent research study on identifying cues of deception in speech, and machine learning-based approaches to classifying deceptive speech in this clip from her presentation at SpeechTEK 2019.
Is there new life for the IVR in the cloud? You bet.
Alexa—play my ‘Please don’t put me on hold again’ playlist When they’re finally gone, will you miss those rickety, old-school IVRs? No, me neither. Most traditional IVRs deliver a pretty underwhelming customer experience—and that needs to change. Gartner